Discover the VoltAire Difference


Discover the VoltAire Difference

Let our team of engineering and sales specialists put their decades of experience to use in helping you find the perfect solution to your application.

The Thermal Management Experts

VoltAire, the experts in thermal management and cabinet cooling for telecom and industrial markets. Our Industrial Air Conditioners and Heat Exchangers are designed to keep critical elements found with NEMA cabinets, such as manufacturing controls and industrial systems cool. Providing dependable protection against even the harshest of environments. Simply stated, VoltAire AC Units, Heat Exchangers and Thermal Management solutions allow your products, regardless of the conditions, to operate efficiently and effectively.

At VoltAire, we value solutions

We are one of the few thermal management providers to offer air conditioners, heat exchangers, and pressurization units, providing a one-stop shop.

We also value quality

Within our state of the art facility, the VoltAire team is constantly adapting product lines to find ways in which to cut electricity usage and operating costs. Maximizing the quality and durability of your investment, while establishing a long term partnership. Spend time managing your primary business, not worrying about the environmental changes that may be affecting your equipment, whether that be an on-site location or outdoors.