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The VoltAire electrical tray difference

Discover the VoltAire Difference Electrical Tray

VoltAire Systems units are built to last with quality components, thorough factory run test plus our unique 5 Step refrigerant system integrity test, we know the market needs a simple layout with easily accessible components to allow ease for maintenance and service. With our combined HVAC experience of 25 plus years we understand that capacitors,…

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General Manufacturing

Revolutionizing the Industry with the Rain Guard Deflector

All air-to-air heat exchangers require an outdoor airflow path to facilitate heat removal from the interior of a cabinet.  Heat exchangers would have significantly reduced capacity without this outdoor airflow.  Therefore the outdoor airflow path is critical and typically the outdoor airflow path is designed to allow maximum airflow to facilitate the greatest amount of…

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Welcome to Voltaire Systems

Welcome to Voltaire Systems, a new company serving your Thermal Management, Pressurization and UL 508A panels needs.  VoltAire is making its first thermal product introduction now in January 2017 after being founded in early 2016.  VoltAire was founded and is managed by industry professionals with decades of experience in the telecom and industrial thermal and…

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