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Heat Exchangers for Telecom/Exterior Use

Our HTX Series exterior heat exchangers have enhanced features that ensure proper operations in both telecom and industrial environments that may be exposed to harsh ambient conditions.

For years, the telecom industry has experienced leaks in their heat exchangers due to inappropriate design and/or lack of maintenance. Unlike other heat exchangers on the market for exterior use, VoltAire’s patent-pending rainwater deflector significantly reduces the amount of water intrusion into the ambient airflow path of the heat exchanger.


UL 1995 and NEMA 4 (4X)

UL recognized-69

Standard Features

  • UL Recognized
  • Closed-loop certified NEMA 4 (4X) cooling for outside plant applications
  • Fan speed and alarm control board (48VDC models only)
  • Two standard designs: Telecom and Industrial
  • Patent pending rain guard deflector on HTX models
  • High-performance centrifugal fans
  • Epoxy-coated aluminum cross-flow core
  • Designed in accordance with GR-487 specifications
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Powder coated aluminum cover
  • Corrosion resistant Acrylume enclosure

Optional Features

  • Stainless steel cover
  • Fan on/off temperature control (115/230VAC Models)
  • Custom Paint Finishes


  • Radio base stations
  • Telecom shelters and indoor / outdoor OSP cabinets
  • Network switching rooms and computer rooms
  • Automation control cabinets, process control centers
  • Power distribution cabinets
  • Digital advertisement boards, kiosk display systems
  • Power supply cabinets, battery cabinets, and rectifier cabinets
  • CNC machines
  • Drive cabinets
  • Mining equipment
  • Solar cabinets

Proudly Engineered, Tested / Listed, and Manufactured in the USA

HTX Series Patent Pending Rain Guard Deflector and Cover


VoltAire Systems unique Telecom Series of heat exchangers utilize a patent pending rain guard deflector and cover to minimize water entering the unit and core. Other manufacturers use their heat exchanger's core as the only path of draining rainwater that enters the heat exchanger, whereas we designed the cover and rain guard deflector to significantly reduce the amount of rainwater that enters the core in the first place, by approximately 95%, while having negligible impact on capacity!

So although our HTX series is UL Listed for Type 3R enclosure by UL, the addition of the rain guard deflector and cover provides additional protection from water intrusion, and we’ve made it standard.

Technical Data

Cooling Capacity18W/F- 33W/C25W/F- 45W/C35W/F-63W/C45W/F-81W/C55W/F-99W/C
Operation Temperature (°F / °C)-40 to 158 / -40 to 70
Sound at 3m (dBa)6061646568
Electrical Data
Voltage InputCurrent Draw (Amps)
48 VDC1.
115 VDC (50/60Hz)
230 VDC (50/60Hz)
Unit Dimensions
Height (in/mm)22.8 / 579
35.5 / 902
Width (in/mm)11.8 / 30017.6 / 447
Depth (in/mm)HTX6.3 / 1606..8 / 17.36.8 / 1738.0 / 20310.0 / 254
HIX4.8 / 1225.3 / 1355.3 / 1356.5 / 1658.5 / 216
Weight (lbs/kg)HTX22.7 / 10.323.6 / 10.744.9 / 20.449.1 / 22.351.8 / 23.5
HIX19.2 / 8. 720.1 / 9.140.3 / 18.345.6 / 20.747.5 / 21.5

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