VoltAire Systems Ethernet Controller Tutorial

The growing demand for network diagnostics and optimization functionalities across enterprises is what inspired VoltAire Systems to develop our Ethernet Controller.

VoltAire Systems’ Ethernet Controller will help reduce the time required needed for troubleshooting our Air Conditioners and improve mean time between failures. We are receiving feedback from our Industrial and Telecom clients; their main focus is on providing integrated energy and “smart” solutions to their customers. VoltAire Systems’ Ethernet Controller will be instrumental in helping maintain large-scale infrastructure and services to provide customers with access to the health of their VoltAire Air Conditioner on demand and remotely. The VoltAire Systems Ethernet Controller remote monitoring system gathers information from all remote infrastructures on a designated network provided by the end-user and provides detailed performance overview. This feature also helps Engineers manage site locations and diagnose their issues remotely.

Our physical Ethernet Control Board interface is easily located on the back of our Air Conditioner unit. Once power is established to the unit, you will find it is easy to navigate in person. Included with the controller, you will find a hard copy of our manual, which highlights how to scroll through and make changes during your installation. You can also plug in a laptop during installation and work from our Graphical User Interface (GUI); it will make setting up your Air Conditioner a breeze. You can easily connect into our Ethernet Controller by RS485 or SNMP. Each of our Ethernet Controllers comes with a unique IP address and it can be changed if necessary. At this point, enter the IP address into your WEB Browser exactly as you see it and now you remote monitoring and updating can begin.

The VA Ethernet board gives you the ability to change and monitor a myriad of functions. Primarily, it gives you access to Alarms, Temperature Set-Points, Cooling or Heat, Fan Control and many more features. Please note: you can access our Test-Mode remotely, which is a huge troubleshooting benefit. This feature will initiate the Air Conditioner to perform its most critical functions and report back live the health of each function. This ability, combined with our other functions could save you from rolling a service truck, which could result in an instant ROI for the cost of our Ethernet Controller!

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