VoltAire Systems’ Product Offering

VoltAire Systems in Apopka FL proudly design, assemble, and manufacture our units here in the USA.  We offer several different products specifically designed for ease of service and longevity in the field. We hold Quality and Customer Experience from start to after sales support in the highest regard.

Our Air Conditioner line has two series the AT and AN. I will make mention that the AT series is designed to fit existing standard cabinets in the field for ease of replacing legacy Air Cons in the field. Our AN series is our narrow line-up, the narrow specifically refers to the width. We have small tonnage units ranging from 1,000 BTU all the way up to 19,000 BTU; which is the largest unit we currently offer.

Our Heat Exchangers come in two series as well, our HTC and HIX. The HTC is our Counter Flow Heat Exchanger and the HIX is our Cross Flow Heat Exchanger. We have a video on this Vlog page that goes into great detail describing the differences of the two offerings. Please enjoy this video introducing our full product line.

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